This page features previous midterms and final exams for all general and aerospace courses!

Access the Bank!

The ACU’s test bank has been completely reorganized! All files can be found in the Google Drive linked below. You will be required to sign in with your Ryerson Gmail account to access the test bank.

You can find files for a specific course in the folder named with that course code. All information describing the type of submitted material is included in the name of each file. The file names also include the course code, date (if supplied), and any additional description such as parts, midterm numbers, missing questions or solutions, etc.. This should make it easy for you to keep track of files you download for study purposes.

Add to the Bank!

The ACU is always looking for submissions to add to the test bank. If you have test materials that you are willing to share, please contact or drop by the office with donations! We will not display your name on the submission uploaded to the drive and we can even return your exams once they are scanned in! Textbook donations for our library are also welcome!


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