Design Teams

On this page you will find information about some of the design teams that either focus on or incorporate aspects of the Aerospace Engineering program at Ryerson! 

Ryerson Propulsion Group

Our primary goal is to design, manufacture, test, and fly an aerial vehicle powered by a liquid propellant engine within the 2018-2019 school year, and to help teach students the concepts surrounding this advanced space propulsion systems.

Balin Moher | Founder |

Ryerson International Hyperloop Team

Ryerson International Hyperloop Team The Ryerson International Hyperloop is a special projects design team for Ryerson’s Office of the President with the intent of developing a fully functioning Hyperloop Pod. The Pod we are developing will be driven by a linear induction based MagDrive system and suspended in the air via Halbach Magnetic Levitation. Our goal is to push this technology to create a Pod capable of traveling in excess of 500 mph. We will be registering our Pod to compete in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in Hawthorne, California. 

Mohi Khan | Team Captain |

Ryerson Rocketry Club (RRC)

We are an engineering student design that designs and builds a sounding rocket each year for competition. This rocket is capable of reaching altitudes exceeding 10,000 feet and speeds past Mach 1. We are comprised of engineers across all disciplines, and are eager to teach new members the fundamentals of rocket science. 

Ryerson Helium

Ever dream of taking to the skies? Ryerson Helium is designing and building a VTOL Personal Aerial Vehicle capable of letting anyone take to the skies with ease! The team is a new innovative design team competing in the Boeing GoFly competition, where we hope to show off our technology!

Ryerson CanSat

The Ryerson CanSat Design Team (Team Tomahawk) is composed of energetic and slightly over-excited team members who design, build and launch a miniature satellite – a CanSat!

Ryerson Aero Design (RAD)

We are a well known medium sized student team that builds remote-controlled aircraft designed to compete in the SAE Aero Design competition. We consist of two weight classes; micro and regular class, which operate by different design constraints. Each weight class designs, builds and flies aircraft that can lift a payload of up to 25lbs. Anyone interested is welcome to join!

Ryerson Formula Racing

Ryerson Formula Racing designs, builds and tests an open-wheel, Indy-style racecar to compete in international competitions every year. As part of the SAE Student Design Series, we race against teams from around the world, all of which have different skills and designs. A recent focus for our team is aerodynamics and CFD. Please contact us if you are interested in racecars in any way, shape or form.