ACU Elections are coming up! If you would like to run for the ACU’s 2018-2019 team, nominations open this Thursday March 8, 2018. Please carefully read over the attached constitution and follow the instructions on election procedure!

The schedule for the election is as follows:
Nominations: March 8 2018 – March 15 2018 (Please print off the nomination form attached in this email and submit it by March 15 at 4PM LATEST in the ACU Office [KHE 040E])
Campaigning Period: March 19 2018 – March 23 2018
Election Dates: March 21 2018 – March 23 2018
Results released: March 25 2018
Please direct any inquiries to
More information on campaigning will be emailed to the nominees once the forms are submitted and found eligible.
NOTE: The elections committee has decided that this year, slates will be prohibited. Candidates endorsing other candidates is also prohibited. The current ACU executives, directors and representatives may also not endorse any candidates running for this election. Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification from this election at the discretion of the elections committee. 

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